Navocate Business Sales & Acquisition: m&a Adviser For Successful Entrepreneurs

Navocate provides business sales and acquisition services for successful entrepreneurs by focusing on the market segment above business brokers, and below investment banks. We understand that it’s difficult for entrepreneurial companies to find M&A advisors that are a good fit. Why? Because most business brokers only work with Main Street businesses (with revenues less than $1M), while most investment banks focus on larger Middle Market enterprises. Consequently, there are fewer experienced intermediaries serving successful entrepreneurs. When selecting an m&a advisor, it’s important to understand that business intermediaries are highly specialized. To help you figure out which type of intermediary will be a best fit for your business, we have created a hierarchy of business intermediaries in the table below:

    • Wall Street investment banks work with large, publically-held corporations at the top of the intermediary hierarchy.
    • Traditional investment banks support middle-market companies with revenues ranging from about $50M – $150M
    • Boutique investment banks work with lower middle-market companies with revenues between about $15M – $50M.
    • Working below the investment banks, and above the business brokers, Navocate business sales and acquisitions provides m&a advisor services to successful entrepreneurs — with guidance about how to value a business, how to sell a business, how to buy a business, and business acquisitions.
M&A Advisor to Entrepreneurial Companies
How to Value a Business, How to Sell a Business, How to Buy a Business.

Navocate has a proven track record of completing successful transactions depending on whether you want to …

Sell My Company

Perhaps you’re a business owner who wants or needs to exit because of a lifestyle change, health issue, divorce, or change in partnership structure. We will work with you regarding how to sell your company to help you maximize proceeds as quickly as possible, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process. Navocate applies project management techniques to planning and executing the sale of your business, employing advanced digital and Internet market to maximize your exposure to qualified prospects. For more info see: Sell My Business, with a link to a free 20-minute consultation.

Business Acquisition

Looking to acquire a business? Navocate will search for businesses currently for sale. Or, if you’re looking for something more specific, we’ll develop a highly targeted, customized search plan for businesses that are not currently on the market. See How to Buy a Business for more info, and a link to a free 20-minute consultation.

Build My Company—What is Private Equity

Entrepreneurs often need assistance to grow their businesses. Navocate can connect you to Private Equity Groups that can provide a capital infusion and bring financial and operational management expertise to help grow your company as strategic partners. Private Equity Groups specialize in a few, focused industries. We can work with your company to find the a match with the optimal PEG for your business. Check out What is Private Equity, including a link for a free 20-minute consultation.

How to Value a Business

We have developed our own, proprietary, valuation model over the past five years, which includes four modules:

    • Sell-Side Module – Referencing how comparable businesses have sold using a database of approximately 700 business sectors.
    • Buy-Side Module – Analyzing what a buyer can afford to pay for your business in the open market, based on available financing.
    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis – Where we calculate the value of your company today based on projections of future cash flows.
    • Navocate’s Soft-Side Analysis – Where we take into account a wide range of internal factors such as business plans, management team, and financial management; as well as external factors like category growth, competitive activity, and the type of customers you have (B2B vs. B2C).

See How to Value a Business, which includes a business valuation special offer for our web site visitors.

Browse Our Web Site — You'll Find Helpful Information

Most entrepreneurs who visit our site are looking for information to answer many questions about how to sell a business, how to value a business, how to buy a business, and information about private equity. To assist, we have designed our site as a repository of free information about business sales and acquisitions. Review our Information Library, where we are constantly uploading information about the industry, financing, the economy, and more. Review our Information Library, where we are constantly uploading information about the industry, financing, the economy, and more.

Personal Services / Professional Results

Working with Navocate (Navigation + Advocate) you'll receive professional, reliable leadership to help you reach your goals — during a time that can be very confusing, when decisions can be not only difficult, but life-changing (and not always for the better). Buying or selling a business — or bringing in strategic partners — is a serious commitment. Make sure you're working with an m&a advisor who is experienced with entrepreneurial companies, and who you trust. Whether you are selling or acquiring a business, or seeking a strategic investor or sale, Navocate is committed to delivering results with the highest quality of professional services to our customers and clients. In fact, we're one of the only business intermediaries that define our statement of ethics in writing. Let us know how we can help.